There is a big knowledge gap that for some reason hasn’t been filled yet and it involves your passwords! Today I was talking to someone about how her email account got hacked. She has never clicked any suspicious links, has no malware on her pc, she’s super cautious with her information but still she got hacked. After asking for her password, I knew enough…

How is a strong password built?

I will share with you, the recipe for the perfect password:

  • A strong password contains both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • A strong password contains numbers
  • A strong password contains symbols
  • A strong password is MINIMUM 8 characters long (preferably more)

It’s pretty straightforward until here, but it continues…

  • A strong password contains no real words
  • Don’t use the same character three times in a row (ex. passsword)
  • NEVER use the same password for different services

Wanna check how safe your password is? Click here!
(don’t worry, it’s safe)


How do I remember all this?

Luckily, the great minds of computer experts found a solution to this. Instead of writing all your passwords down on a post-it, which makes your passwords useless again, you can use what’s called a Password Manager.

There are many great password managers out there, I always recommend LastPass to clients, since it has an amazing cloud-vault feature so it’s shared across all your devices. For those who are really paranoid about security, I recommend KeePass.

How do Password Managers work?

You only remember one password, your master password. So make sure it is safe! This password will give you access to all your other passwords, so you don’t have to remember them. Use this with a Password Generator and you’re golden.


How do I keep my master password secure and easy to remember?

There are many clever ways to make sure your master password is secure and easy to remember.

  1. Use leetspeak
  2. Encode/Encrypt


This is the easiest way, hackers used it way back in the days to make their messages harder to read for those who weren’t meant to. You just switch a letter with a number that resembles it. For example leetspeak becomes 13375p3ak. It’s easy!

Encode or Encrypt

You can remember an easy password, like “dog123” and use techniques like base64 encoding to change it to ZG9nMTIz or MD5 Encryption to change it to 611c240b5d9a22bf561399383e4dcd6c. These encoding and encrytion services are available online

Can I secure myself even further?

Yes you can, using what’s called two-factor authentication. For now I’ll just leave you with the wiki page. But I’ll cover it in a future article.


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