Computers are everywhere. These days everyone is connected to the world wide web via their desktops, laptops and even smartphones. Now with the rising of the Internet of Things it will become even more important to secure all these devices and specifically the data stored on said devices.


Everyone knows that cyber security is important but not that many people seem to know how frequently they happen. Here are some numbers of 2015 by Symantec:

  • 54 zero-day exploits have been found (125% more than in 2014)
  • 429 million identities have been exposed
  • 3/4 of all websites have vulnerabilities
  • 100 million fake tech supports were blocked (scammers)
  • 35% more pieces of Ransomware have appeared

And the numbers keep increasing…

Do you think you have never been affected?
Test it here!

You might be surprised how many people don’t even know they’ve been hacked.

This is why there is more and more need for Ethical Hackers.
These are the people who know how cyber criminals operate and use this knowledge for the good. They can test your system for vulnerabilities and fix them if needed. This way, you’re way ahead of the real threat.

What do you think of the continuing growth of cyber attacks? Scary?

Make sure to stay protected.

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