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Cyber Security Professional

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Pablo Brusseel

Computer & Cyber Crime Professional
Pablo is a self-taught Ethical Hacker from Belgium passionate about everything concerning cybersecurity. In 2016 he founded his company, Brussec Security to secure businesses all over the world.


Things that I work on.

"The weakest part of a computer system is the human"

Can attackers penetrate your valuable servers?

Is your PHP code securely written?

Educate your employees to prevent hackers from Social Engineering into your system

Monitor your IT security proactively and prevent attacks before they happen

Can hackers enter your building and hack from the inside?


Things that I'm good at.

Hardware Hacking
Web Pentesting
Public Speaking
Reverse Engineering
Stress Testing
Social Engineering
Software Development
Network Pentesting


My thoughts.

Hacking ChromeCasts for fun

A while ago two hackers by the name of HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r allegedly “hacked” a bunch of Google ChromeCasts to promote PewDiePie’s (Felix Kjellberg) YouTube Channel. The “hack” was actually just abuse of poorly configured routers that port forwarded the ChromeCasts to the outside internet. From there, everyone with access to port 8008 of the […]

Securityscan van Belgiƫ

De afgelopen weken voerde ik een security scan uit op het volledige Belgische internetlandschap. Hierbij gingen ik op zoek naar het meest kwetsbare IP-adres van BelgiĆ«. Of ik die gevonden heb? Wel, laat ons zeggen dat het een moeilijke keuze was…

How we hacked 73 companies in under 24 hours

Before we go into this article I should note: YES, this is based on a true security assessment we did (and shows how simple it can be sometimes) and YES the vulnerabilities have since been patched.


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